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Celestia jams a hulking penis in her tight pussy

109348 Celestia jams a hulking penis in her tight pussyCelestia jams a hulking penis in her tight pussy! ucking? She looked into my eyes. LOT of fucking!! I corrected. Yes, sir. The bartender cleared his throat. I had forgotten all about his prize in my excitement at getting a new toy. But now I remembered. Sush, on the wall, spread your legs and lift your dress on your waist. She complied and exposed her pussy and ass for all to see. I nodded to the guy and he went and knelt behind her. His nose enjoying the aroma of Sushmita’s aroused pussy. Without any delay he pushed one finger deep into her pussy making her body jerk a little. He then proceeded to skillfully fuck Sush’s wet pussy while I caressed Riya’s soft pussy thorough her shorts and kept her cheek pressed on the cold table table with her face towards me. I could feel a damp spot under my fingers as her excited pussy wet the thin fabric of the tiny shorts. Sushmita’s moans and grunts increased in frequency and volume as the young bartender explored her wet depths intent on making her cum under one minute. Sushmita swung her head from side to side as the passion gripped her, the young bartender’s fingers wreaking havoc with her emotions as her freeflowing pussy juices vouched. I let Riya lift her head off the table to watch Sush’s pussy being mauled but kept her tits pressed flat on the table and my hand on her ass caressing and feeling her soft, firm ass cheeks. We could all see Sush’s body convulse in hot waves of a nice, hard orgasm as she screamed and let loose on the guy’s hand with a big load of quim. He looked at me wanting to know if he had won. I nodded and he gleefully dove into Sushmita’s sexy, drenched pussy, his tongue making her moan again. Riya, meanwhile, was trying to make my hand rub her pussy harder by wiggling and shiftring her ass so my fingers would be between her legs.

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