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Mature female bodybuilder enjoying a black cock

Mature female bodybuilder enjoying a black cock! My slave, a tall, Whiteskinned and bigbottomed, blondehaired and greeneyed White woman named she he is scrubbing my floors. She is over six feet five inches tall and weighs nearly three hundred pounds, most of it is in her huge ass, I’m sure. She grew up on a slave farm in New Mexico. I bought her to be a house slave, not a field slave.

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89797 Mature female bodybuilder enjoying a black cock

Amateur housewife sucking cock and spreading those legs

132365 Amateur housewife sucking cock and spreading those legsAmateur housewife sucking cock and spreading those legs! Everything has these names which are like random words from a dictionary now Toad Sprocket She corrected me, Toad the Wet Sprocket. To get my CD s and show you the titles so you can tell me which ones you helped produce. I could see up the expanse of her legs, her dress forming a fluid circle around her naked body, supported by her perfect long legs, and I was staring up between her legs.

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Kinky housewife licking ass and fucking her ass off

128206 Kinky housewife licking ass and fucking her ass offKinky housewife licking ass and fucking her ass off! I turned the camcorder on and focused in on her mouth, which was sliding back and forth on my shaft. I knew she reveled in feeling like a whore, like some prostitute sucking cock in a back alley for her rent money. I moaned and arched, and her head went down until her lips were touching my balls, waiting for the hot rush of my slick love to enter her mouth. When I finished spurting she pulled her mouth back and started sucking on the end of my cock like there was no tomorrow.

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Wet mature pussy

139092 2040 Wet mature pussywet mature pussy! When I come back out we settle in just as we were before. Then she starts moving around more while we talk. Then it hits me the little wench is doing it again. She’s flashing me her panties and moving so the shirt she is wearing will gape open so I can see her breasts. She started squirming her little butt around on me when she felt me starting to get hard again. Oh, working on trying to keep me smothered in your juices tonight, huh? I asked. hasn’t even reached half time. Now that’s a thought, she replied with a giggle. Maybe I should just go ahead and take my shorts and boxers off so you can just prelube me for when I finally take your/my shirt of your hot little body tonight. Just what do you think you’re going to do to my hot little body tonight? Well first I am going to work your titties again but I will use only my mouth and fingers, and then I’ll fuck them just the way you like me to. I am going to spend so much time on them they will be tingling all night long. Just imagine my hands on your breasts. Better yet, here, let me show you baby, and I pull them free of your/my shirt. Feel my hands covering them, squeezing them, rolling them round and around. Then milking them one by one first the left then the right over and over. Oh yes, she says. Just like that. And I am not just talking about it for just a few minutes I will work them for a long time. Just like this. Notice that I haven’t even touched your nipples yet. Oh I know. Touch my nipples, pinch my nipples, god it feels so good baby. Keep it up. ..

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Riding a mature slut

129281 Riding a mature slutriding a mature slut! Someone had turned on background music, and as he helped her off with her light pink silk thong while keeping her light pink matching lace top stockings on, he turned to the other men, Gentlemen, this lovely lady needs our help, if you would be so kind as to remove all your clothes. That was all the prompting it took and, as she sat there on the sofa in the buff, all four men stripped all their clothes off as fast as humanly possible. She was in heaven, lost in complete lust, as she turned round and round, touching, stroking, licking, and sucking each of their rock hard cocks.

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This older bitch loves to play with herself

This older bitch loves to play with herself! she asked me if she gave good head, as she called it, a term at the time I barely recognized, so inexperienced was I. She asked me to meet her for a drink at a bar we both knew on the upcoming Saturday night, and I agreed, breaking my regular Saturday night date with Steph, telling Steph I was going out with my friends, which I was, kinda. She had always dressed very conservatively at work, the ultimate professional, hair up, minimal makeup, fashionable but not even the hint of sexy wardrobe attire. She threw back her hair and asked if I had ordered yet, and I could only shake my head in a feeble no.

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110099 67251 This older bitch loves to play with herself

This horny housewife really is in the mood for hard fucking

94303 This horny housewife really is in the mood for hard fuckingThis horny housewife really is in the mood for hard fucking! The whole ride home all I could thing about was he and that rock hard body with those huge biceps. It had been a long time since my husband had touched me. I was so wet, my mind kept thinking about having that gorgeous man close to me and him putting his cock in my soaking wet pussy. He had been in all the papers dating all the hot celebs, he must be a great lover. I made the boys dinner and told the oldest son that I was going out to meet their aunt and he was in charge. After putting the boys to bed. I got all dressed up, putting on my sexiest cocktail it is gold very short and with a neck that dips down to my bell button. I bought it on a whim and now have a reason to where it. I put on my sexiest black gstring and my perky tits bounced a little as I walked. My strong legs on display for everyone to see. I was going to do this and do it right. As I arrived at the hotel it was crawling with ball players, I sat at the bar in the lobby and was hit on multiple times but I told them I was meeting my husband. I had a few drinks building up the courage to go give myself to a man that wasn’t my husband. After about three drinks I was feeling ready and my pussy dripping wet from all the excitement. I took the elevator up to suite #8. I knocked the door after fixing my boobs. He opened the door and he was there in just a towel as he had just jumped out of the shower. He was very happy to see me. He said he was glad I could make it and invited me in. He was so sexy, he had the perfect chest and I couldn’t wait to see what was under the that towel. We had a glass of champagne and went out to the balcony; you could see the entire city. He then toasted me for coming and he told me how beautiful I was. I stepped closer to him and we kissed. I could feel his cock growing under his towel as we continued to kiss.

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Miss sights manipulates her boy toy into blowing a big load on her face

112826 81133 Miss sights manipulates her boy toy into blowing a big load on her faceMiss Sights manipulates her boy toy into blowing a big load on her face! I didn’t put on any underwear or a bra and I headed down to the mall. I knew I was looking good and turning the heads of the men and boys at the mall just got me hotter. But there was one guy who approached me and called me out, he said ‘you look like your looking for trouble, I know that look in your eyes. The hick looked like he could handle me and I was desperately horny by this point so I left with him and we rode out of town in his Transam and drove for a while in the country. I was surprised because he was only half hard and he looked like he was about six inched and thick. He reached over and caressed the back of my neck slowly guiding my head down to his twitching cock in the fading sunlightand with a final shove he said, Get to work on my dick girl, its not going to suck itself!

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Kelly sucks nasty cock and fucks it with her wet twat

Kelly sucks nasty cock and fucks it with her wet twat! She put back her head and howled in pleasure. My tongue danced on her nether regions like Kelly Astaire on a ballroom floor. Her body shivered and shook. Finally, she struggled up. Okay, enough tongue work. I want you to fuck me with your big fucking cock. Jam that fuckstick up my cunt, you beast. She shimmied up the bed a bit, still on her back, still with her pussy near the edge. I came close, my cock raging. Give me that big hard bastard of a cock, yeah! She said, her hands massaging my swollen tool, stroking it to maximum hardness. Then she guided it to her dripping pussy. Standing on the floor by the bed, I pressed it home, and swung my hips. She kept up her diatribe of dirty talk throughout the procedure. Yeah, that’s it; fuck me with that motherfucking cock of yours! Fuck me deep, you stud. Plow that hardon into my cunt; jam it, baby! Pound my pussy! Fuck me like a twodollar whore! Her arms and head thrashed on the mattress as I jammed my cock into her pussy, again and again. After a time, she pulled herself up, and got onto her hands and knees. Keep fucking me, baby, she implored, her ass wiggling with wanton need. Fuck me like an animal. Fuck me like a barnyard beast. Fuck me like the fucking cockslut that I am! She pressed her ass, and her swollen pussy lips, back towards my waiting cock, which I again pressed into her pussy. Yeah! She yowled, as I pressed my dauber into her love canal once more, feeling my hips ram against her buttocks as my raging cock penetrated her pussy from behind, again and again. she kept up her dirty invective.

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Slutty lacey gets nailed hard

190497 Slutty lacey gets nailed hardSlutty Lacey gets nailed hard! You shake your head no, and lower your mouth to my balls, keeping your eyes on my face to show me how much you enjoy what you’re doing, enjoy the sensation of your tongue rolling across my balls, sliding them into your mouth and sucking on them. While your eyes are locked on mine, I slowly slide my hands behind you, and, with one quick motion, grab the back of your head and shove my cock fully down your throat, until my hips are pressing against your lips. Your eyes calm, enjoying the sensation of a cock sliding in and out of your mouth, begging me to increase the pace, which I do, each stroke slightly faster and deeper than the one before, until I am fucking your face full force, your tongue desperately lapping at the edges of my cock as it races in and out of your mouth, my balls slapping against your chin, hips hitting your lips with each stroke.

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